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Floretta Whitfield-Bryant Holmes was born in New Bern, North Carolina on May 3, 1932.  She went to take her place with the ancestors on August 25, 2008 at the place of her birth – New Bern, North Carolina.  While she was here she gave to the earth four children – her first born was a girl.  She and her husband Arthur decided to name her Arthuretta.  For most of her life Arthuretta had to explain the origins of her name.  Sharing how the Arthur part and especially the Retta part are always a great story to tell.  It makes for great conversation.  When the children had children Floretta refused to be called grandmother so she made up the term of endearment of Mama Retta.  It stuck.  Her grandchildren basked in the love Mama Retta had to give.  Little did Arthuretta know that the torch of grandmotherly love and wisdom would be passed to her. With the birth of her first grandchild she too would be called Mama Retta.  Just like her mother Mama Retta loves a good story.  Just like her mother Mama Retta can sing a good story.  Educating and inspiring others through story and song are the gifts her mother left her for a purpose.  That purpose is known by every listener when they have the opportunity to hear and experience Mama Retta Speak!