Click on the women of history below to view portrayals by Arthuretta Holmes-Martin

Storytelling Performances

Brer Rabbit tales

Ezekiel and the Dry Bones

The Pearl Incident

The People Could Fly - Virginia Hamilton

The Wolf and the Dog - Aesop Fable

It is Man - Adapted from Beneath the Blazing Sun by Rex Ellis

The Fox and the Hen - Aesop Fable

Talking Animals - Wilfrid Dyson Hambly

High John the Conqueror 




Washington Revels Jubilee Voices - "The Pearl Incident" 

Cora Lee Franklin Smith and Nannie Helen Burroughs - Tea Time Conversations


Women in History:

Marian Anderson - Her Story Her Song

Siseretta Jones - Trailblazer of African American Classical Singers

Fannie Lou Hamer -  Voting and Women's Rights Activist


Nannie Helen Burroughs - Women's Rights Activist. Educator, and Suffragist

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