"Arthuretta is a talented and skilled vocalist. She is a consummate professional with a broad range of vocal ability who does not disappoint. I have thoroughly enjoyed her performances."


 John Saunders

Executive Director at National Foum for Black Public Adminstrators 

"There are moments throughout life when you are privileged to meet someone with extraordinary talent and a drive and determination to match. Arthuretta Holmes-Martin is one of those people. Arthuretta is a singer who has tremendous vocal range and a beautiful, rich vocal tone. She pays meticulous attention to the nuances of the music she is rendering so that the final musical rendering we hear is polished and wonderful. She is a giving person, willing to help others utilizing patience and ensuring that whoever she's training/assisting have fully understood her. Arthuretta is a pleasure to both listen to and work with."

Miamah Braddox, CFM

Senior Program Specialist at Dewberry

"​Arthuretta is a dynamic, intelligent and multi-talented woman. She has decades of government - business experience, a voice of a songbird, and a nurturing spirit. She is a great mentor, visionary leader, and a great person."

Tambra Raye

Nutrition Educator & Food Justice Advocate


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